Works on paper

Self-portrait by Peter Brandl, Allegory of Auditive Sense

Unknown painter 2nd half of 18th century

Minute masterly paintings on paper were created as replicas within a larger catalogue of well-known paintings of temporary baroque authors held in some noble-family collections in 2nd half of 18th century in Bohemia.

Johannes Leusing

Floral still life, Tempera on paper, 2nd half of the 19th century, Private Collection

A nice tempera and gouache print based on early 18th century Dutch floral still lifes in oil by artists such as Jan van Huysum or Rachel Ruysch. The painting is in a desolate condition with many blisters, cracks, paint loss and retouching. The support of this work is also unstable, poorly taped on a faded cardboard board.

Jaroslav Rössler

Pastels, 1930s, Private Collection

A heavily damaged work of pastels by a Czech artist, a representative of the Czech avant-garde generation of the 1920s and 1930s. Parts of the paper backing are torn and completely missing, there are many tears around the edges. The drawing is abraded, insufficiently fixed and the whole surface is dusty.

Bedřich Hawránek

Landscape Study with Bell Tower

Every restoration of a work of art brings risks and to some degree, almost every conservation treatment leads to the degradation of the materials from which the work is constructed.

Antonín Slavíček

Remote corner, Holešovice 1900

A set of tempera paintings on cardboard, which were made partly in the plein air as records of light and color these works focus on environments of gardens, village corners, harbors, etc. Slavíček's tempera technique, though seemingly perfect shows signs of degradation due to undergoing frequent exposure and problematic adjustments on cardboard plates. This damage can be seen through in the form of bulges, wrinkles in the support, surface contamination and losses in thick areas of paint.