Robert Delaunay

Before conservation

1.stav pred rest

Before conservation

3. pred rest bez ramu., rozptylene osv.

Image before conservation shows painting blinded by surface dirt

17. postup povrchoveho cisteni

Cleaning tests

15. zkouska intenzity cisteni

Tests of method and intensity of cleaning

3.2 snimek luminiscence v UV osvetleni

UV fluorescence shows paint without varnish layer and distribution of range of pigments

3.3 IR snimek

IR reflectography brings further information of creative process

23. po restaurovani

State after conservation shows recovery of a very fresh tonality

Seaweed Collector, 1906, Private Collection

This painting by the important french artist Robert Delaunay comes from his early period, characterized by an expressionistic rendering and wild handling of paint. In spite of riotous colors the painting is very refined.  Executed directly on a rough canvas with a thick application of oil paint, the work is now very unstable.

Despite previous restoration efforts, it required consolidation of the paint and mild cleaning of the heavily textured, pasty surface. Even a small intensity of cleaning of the blinded surface and saturation of the disturbed oil  brings a satisfying shift of tonal contrasts and allows us to understand the artist’s preoccupation with paint as a vehicle of visual emotion in the painting process.