Faksimile pergamenové listiny

Declaration of Arbroath, 1320

The founding document of the Scottish nation, a kind of declaration of independence, is a Latin parchment document with the seals of originally about 50 prominent aristocrats of Scottish society in the 14th century.

Bohemian Protest

Letter of complaint of the Bohemian Lords against the burning of Master Jan Hus to the Council of Constance 1415, Edinburgh University Library

The only surviving version from the series of eight parchment documents. In this letter addressed to Council of Constance, representatives of Czech nobility express their protest and disagreement with burning Jan Hus, a protestant priest, at the stake.

The Krumlov Collection around 1420

Calligraphy in iron-ink, tempera, period pigments, calf parchment, around 1420, National Museum Prague

A rich manuscript on parchment with 288 illuminations in the highest painting quality illustrating Czech religious and educational texts from the Hussite period.